EARTHQUAKE!! a punishment or a reminder?

Pakistan, AfghaUntitled-1nistan and some areas of India recently got hit by a massive earthquake of magnitude 7.5 with a depth of 196 km killing almost 260 people in Pakistan. According to authorities in KP province alone, 179 people died while 1,800 were injured. Though the magnitude was quite high but with a depth of 196km the loss was not much as compared to the earthquake of 2005 with depth 15km.

This loss of property, as well as lives, welcomed a lot of hustle and bustle on social media regarding whether it was just mother nature playing its part or was it a reminder and punishment for the sinners?

With others cracking some funny jokes while others doing some ludicrous calculations tracking it back to the 2005 earthquake the fact that still remains is that was it really a punishment for us for our bad deeds? Those who died were sinners? Those who survived were saints? Is GOD not being kind? Or it’s just nature keeping check of the population?

With these questions lingering around one thing is for sure that such natural disasters including earthquakes or tsunamis or even hurricanes do  occur for many reasons but which one actually comes up to our logic and understanding of GOD. Those tectonic plates that move under the surface of the earth without the knowledge of the man causing these earthquakes, who might be controlling them but GOD. A man might or might not have a role in all these natural disasters. If we talk about tsunamis it is said that they might occur because of these nuclear testing in the oceans or if earthquakes it occurs because of men sucking out those natural gases out of the earth crust that is holding the earth’s sphere and pressure hence causing an imbalance.

It’s saddening when we see people saying things out of ignorance. When they call such natural disasters “act of GOD” while they are never thankful to HIM for all the good things. While others saying that those who died were sinners, it makes me wonder as if what sin those 12 little girls would have done who died in a stampede in Afghanistan during the earthquake. For those who died, they were meant to die because death will take hold of you anyways. Those who survived and were given a new life should be thankful to HIM and should return to HIM. Others who died while they were committing a sin that surely was a punishment I must say. It’s always HIS way of reminding us that HE is the in charge here and he will test us with our property, our lives, our family and our fears. It is not about we doing sins or “phopo ki beti wearing jeans”.  It’s HIS way of making us come back to HIM and to seek for HIS forgiveness.

Of all the hustle and bustle, one thing we have noticed is that when HE shakes the earth here and there, believe of a man goes straight up and elevates. You will never find such a beautiful trending on twitter daily with so many people seeking for HIS forgiveness all at once. Let’s call it a reminder!!


TODAY, as I was imageson my way back home from a tiring yet depressing day, with so much going on in my mind, with all those flashbacks running with a speed of light. Lost in this labyrinth I thought to myself LIFE CAN’T GET MUCH WORSE THAN THIS, why me? why is it always me? .. is there anything better about this life?. For a moment, I thought of just running away to a place where there’s not a single human being, just me and the mother nature…

Lost in the thoughts I didn’t even noticed the driver calling out loud “MAM! you are home”.. but I just got into the cab?? oh well, I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn’t even noticed the destination shrunk from minutes to seconds. As I stand there knocking at the door my mind was still crying out loud.. “just run away, far far away” Door opens and there’s my dad standing at the door with a billion dollar smile, literally took my bag from my shoulders,”how was your day love? you must be tired m sure, oh! next time when you need money don’t make your mother a mean of communication between you and me, you know how much it makes me happy when you ask me for something” he said.. it felt really good…Though I and dad have really good understanding still I hesitate to ask for something…

After a little chit chat with dad I went straight to my room, opened the door, and what I see is not a messed up and dirty room (as I left it in the morning) but a squeaky clean shiny room with everything on its right place in a right angle.. ” ah! there you are, I knew it, this room is not going to clean up by itself and you are definitely too lazy for that. YES YES! don’t worry darling I haven’t touched your books.. have just put them in order, your studs are in that tiny red box over there, bracelets are in the brown one” she said with her cute smile… “thank you so much mom, you are love” I said…

As soon as I freshened up, there was a knock at my door, “Door is open, come in” … there I see my little brother and sister standing at the door with a tray in hand, “Hey Api! (they both call me Api) you must be hungry, mom told us to get you something to eat, oh would you like some Pepsi with that?” they said .. “yes please and thank you” I said … “door closes”

I remember how awful my mood was the whole day, now I was having this smile on my face, the reason was MY FAMILY …. To be around your family is the best thing, what else do you even want in life?? are you going to let those tiny little problems or a depressing day or even some depressing people make you wanna run away and hate this life?? when we have those anti-depressants with us “OUR FAMILY” … 🙂 though I hate my name but that’s when I say yes I am BAKHTAWAR and BAKHTAWAR means lucky ^_^ …

JYOTI SINGH (the “so called” daughter of the INDIA)


Speechless i am after watching this documentary about a little girl being gang raped in India… it’s not only about INDIA where every 20 minutes (according to their statistics) a girl gets raped .. or about USA where every 20 seconds a girl get rapped, it’s about PAKISTAN aswell where the statistics are no less…… and then the same thing goes on and on.. the victims are either silenced, often killed or forced by society to commit suicide, but those who stands up never gets the justice, the rapists are set free because they are of high caste or because they were UNDER-AGED or too powerful?? and the case just goes on and on in the high court and supreme court for ages… like the case of this little girl Jyoti Singh who was brutally raped by six men on December 16th 2012,and she died after few days… all, her parents demand is justice for her daughter but guess what?? its 2015 but the case is still going on,, one of the rapist who was 17 years old is scheduled for release till 15th of December 2015… seriously??? and the other four still alive feeling no shame for their act… the sixth one committed suicide.

While the high authorities giving their SHOCKING statements about this whole situation, some even pointing to “there’s no space for women in our society” and yet others saying “she shouldn’t have worn such clothes to attract men or shouldn’t be darting around on roads late at night” some even saying “we can’t just sentence them to death ,INDIA is a democratic country”, the question that still remains is will she ever get justice?? who was she?? just a 22 years old girl who went to see a movie with a male friend….. what was her fault anyways? and will she ever get justice? will this ever stop? and how? by educating our male generation so that they learn how to treat a lady or by educating our women how to dress up and to know their values and worth? or to not even step out of their houses??.

while the parents of the rapists crying for their sons and asking for mercy, your tears doesn’t count… if you would have spent your time taking care of your son’s moral values, building their optimistic views about a woman in a society.. this all wouldn’t have happened at the first place.. but again.. is it only the education that matters??? this society and this human kind is destroyed to an extreme level…… feeling sorry.

JERRY SANDERS (from the Shaw group to San Francisco Science)

While I wJerry-Sanders-275x300as going for my first ever Startup and business study, I was asked by my teacher to read about the Jerry Sanders case study of Harvard Business School (which I think every entrepreneur should study) and give my reviews as in why Jerry was so successful in his endeavor? There are several attributes highlighted in the case but what was the single most important attribute of Jerry’s  personality and entrepreneurial strategy, that in my view mattered the most, and why?

I think it wasn’t just a single most attribute of Jerry’s personality and entrepreneurial strategies that made him so successful in his endeavor, but rather it was a combination of it. But I think that the three most important aspects that took him to the top are his personality, social intelligence, and networking.


Jerry Sanders had all the qualities of an entrepreneur. He was ambitious, passionate, versatile, intelligent, bright, straightforward, curious, introspective and above all ready to take any sort of risk. During an interview, he said, “I am open to any idea, however, crazy if it has the possibility of success, I hate to do things the conventional way and sometimes that comes at a price.” He was an innovator and never confined himself to one single place. From the Shaw group to Neo-Vision then to Hyatt internationals, X-Cardiac and now San Francisco science he never confined himself to one single place or one single spot but kept on moving forward.


Jerry Sanders was a socially observant person. During an interview, he said, “I look at an individual’s common sense more than I do at their Alma matter or degree.” The qualities that get him through was he being observant, adopting the traits of another person sitting across like a chameleon and a socially dynamic guy. His colleague described him as “he’s a dynamic person. It’s just exciting to listen to him. He’s full of ideas, and he’s doing things constantly, his mind is going miles a minute. Jerry said “one need to be observant enough to understand what trait it is in that person sitting across from you, what set of traits it is that person has and likes most about himself, wants to associate with, and then adopt them like a chameleon.


Another important aspect behind the success of Jerry Sander is his networking and unique negotiation ability with different investors and inventors. Jerry never took “any” as an answer. He said, “everything you do can be turned into a human capital.” The most important thing in business is how to gather up the investors that’s would invest in your product and Jerry knew just the right answer for that. He explained that if you are a graduate of a well-known or a fine business or law school or have worked in a big firm , all you need is a well-known personality in the field and then work that network out, going from link to link to much higher and higher investors but at the same time you have to persuade each person of potential investment to take you to the next link because most of the people don’t want to burn their credibility by introducing some bunch of idiots. With his networking strategies he worked his way through with many renowned investors and inventors across his journey from a young entrepreneur running a start-up that had lost over half a million dollar to a successful businessman who had sold his company for more than 33 million.And now founding a new company San Francisco Science with the hope of replicating his success.