JERRY SANDERS (from the Shaw group to San Francisco Science)

While I wJerry-Sanders-275x300as going for my first ever Startup and business study, I was asked by my teacher to read about the Jerry Sanders case study of Harvard Business School (which I think every entrepreneur should study) and give my reviews as in why Jerry was so successful in his endeavor? There are several attributes highlighted in the case but what was the single most important attribute of Jerry’s  personality and entrepreneurial strategy, that in my view mattered the most, and why?

I think it wasn’t just a single most attribute of Jerry’s personality and entrepreneurial strategies that made him so successful in his endeavor, but rather it was a combination of it. But I think that the three most important aspects that took him to the top are his personality, social intelligence, and networking.


Jerry Sanders had all the qualities of an entrepreneur. He was ambitious, passionate, versatile, intelligent, bright, straightforward, curious, introspective and above all ready to take any sort of risk. During an interview, he said, “I am open to any idea, however, crazy if it has the possibility of success, I hate to do things the conventional way and sometimes that comes at a price.” He was an innovator and never confined himself to one single place. From the Shaw group to Neo-Vision then to Hyatt internationals, X-Cardiac and now San Francisco science he never confined himself to one single place or one single spot but kept on moving forward.


Jerry Sanders was a socially observant person. During an interview, he said, “I look at an individual’s common sense more than I do at their Alma matter or degree.” The qualities that get him through was he being observant, adopting the traits of another person sitting across like a chameleon and a socially dynamic guy. His colleague described him as “he’s a dynamic person. It’s just exciting to listen to him. He’s full of ideas, and he’s doing things constantly, his mind is going miles a minute. Jerry said “one need to be observant enough to understand what trait it is in that person sitting across from you, what set of traits it is that person has and likes most about himself, wants to associate with, and then adopt them like a chameleon.


Another important aspect behind the success of Jerry Sander is his networking and unique negotiation ability with different investors and inventors. Jerry never took “any” as an answer. He said, “everything you do can be turned into a human capital.” The most important thing in business is how to gather up the investors that’s would invest in your product and Jerry knew just the right answer for that. He explained that if you are a graduate of a well-known or a fine business or law school or have worked in a big firm , all you need is a well-known personality in the field and then work that network out, going from link to link to much higher and higher investors but at the same time you have to persuade each person of potential investment to take you to the next link because most of the people don’t want to burn their credibility by introducing some bunch of idiots. With his networking strategies he worked his way through with many renowned investors and inventors across his journey from a young entrepreneur running a start-up that had lost over half a million dollar to a successful businessman who had sold his company for more than 33 million.And now founding a new company San Francisco Science with the hope of replicating his success.


4 thoughts on “JERRY SANDERS (from the Shaw group to San Francisco Science)

  1. i’m proud of you dear bakh !!!
    by the why his personality resembles you !!! 😉
    you are too ambitious, passionate, versatile, intelligent, bright, straightforward, curious, introspective and ready to take any sort of risk.
    sometime keen observer ❤
    may ALLAH bless you ahead !!!

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