JYOTI SINGH (the “so called” daughter of the INDIA)



Speechless i am after watching this documentary about a little girl being gang raped in India… it’s not only about INDIA where every 20 minutes (according to their statistics) a girl gets raped .. or about USA where every 20 seconds a girl get rapped, it’s about PAKISTAN aswell where the statistics are no less…… and then the same thing goes on and on.. the victims are either silenced, often killed or forced by society to commit suicide, but those who stands up never gets the justice, the rapists are set free because they are of high caste or because they were UNDER-AGED or too powerful?? and the case just goes on and on in the high court and supreme court for ages… like the case of this little girl Jyoti Singh who was brutally raped by six men on December 16th 2012,and she died after few days… all, her parents demand is justice for her daughter but guess what?? its 2015 but the case is still going on,, one of the rapist who was 17 years old is scheduled for release till 15th of December 2015… seriously??? and the other four still alive feeling no shame for their act… the sixth one committed suicide.

While the high authorities giving their SHOCKING statements about this whole situation, some even pointing to “there’s no space for women in our society” and yet others saying “she shouldn’t have worn such clothes to attract men or shouldn’t be darting around on roads late at night” some even saying “we can’t just sentence them to death ,INDIA is a democratic country”, the question that still remains is will she ever get justice?? who was she?? just a 22 years old girl who went to see a movie with a male friend….. what was her fault anyways? and will she ever get justice? will this ever stop? and how? by educating our male generation so that they learn how to treat a lady or by educating our women how to dress up and to know their values and worth? or to not even step out of their houses??.

while the parents of the rapists crying for their sons and asking for mercy, your tears doesn’t count… if you would have spent your time taking care of your son’s moral values, building their optimistic views about a woman in a society.. this all wouldn’t have happened at the first place.. but again.. is it only the education that matters??? this society and this human kind is destroyed to an extreme level…… feeling sorry.


One thought on “JYOTI SINGH (the “so called” daughter of the INDIA)

  1. omg !!!
    this world is so cruel for girls 😥
    seriously !!! so how can we demand good thing to be happened from ALLAH !! when there is unjustice every where !!! i’m speechless !!!

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