TODAY, as I was imageson my way back home from a tiring yet depressing day, with so much going on in my mind, with all those flashbacks running with a speed of light. Lost in this labyrinth I thought to myself LIFE CAN’T GET MUCH WORSE THAN THIS, why me? why is it always me? .. is there anything better about this life?. For a moment, I thought of just running away to a place where there’s not a single human being, just me and the mother nature…

Lost in the thoughts I didn’t even noticed the driver calling out loud “MAM! you are home”.. but I just got into the cab?? oh well, I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn’t even noticed the destination shrunk from minutes to seconds. As I stand there knocking at the door my mind was still crying out loud.. “just run away, far far away” Door opens and there’s my dad standing at the door with a billion dollar smile, literally took my bag from my shoulders,”how was your day love? you must be tired m sure, oh! next time when you need money don’t make your mother a mean of communication between you and me, you know how much it makes me happy when you ask me for something” he said.. it felt really good…Though I and dad have really good understanding still I hesitate to ask for something…

After a little chit chat with dad I went straight to my room, opened the door, and what I see is not a messed up and dirty room (as I left it in the morning) but a squeaky clean shiny room with everything on its right place in a right angle.. ” ah! there you are, I knew it, this room is not going to clean up by itself and you are definitely too lazy for that. YES YES! don’t worry darling I haven’t touched your books.. have just put them in order, your studs are in that tiny red box over there, bracelets are in the brown one” she said with her cute smile… “thank you so much mom, you are love” I said…

As soon as I freshened up, there was a knock at my door, “Door is open, come in” … there I see my little brother and sister standing at the door with a tray in hand, “Hey Api! (they both call me Api) you must be hungry, mom told us to get you something to eat, oh would you like some Pepsi with that?” they said .. “yes please and thank you” I said … “door closes”

I remember how awful my mood was the whole day, now I was having this smile on my face, the reason was MY FAMILY …. To be around your family is the best thing, what else do you even want in life?? are you going to let those tiny little problems or a depressing day or even some depressing people make you wanna run away and hate this life?? when we have those anti-depressants with us “OUR FAMILY” … 🙂 though I hate my name but that’s when I say yes I am BAKHTAWAR and BAKHTAWAR means lucky ^_^ …


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